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Sonic Jesus is thrilled to announce the release of BADWAY produced by the new record label founded by Tiziano Veronese, Don Rhajin.
The album, an incredible blend of industrial music and funk wave, delves into themes of record label frustrations and challenges faced during the pandemic years, offering a powerful reflection on humanity’s resilience and creativity.
Started in Sheffield in 2018 and concluded in Doganella di Ninfa in 2022, “Badway” represents a true evolution of Sonic Jesus’ sound. Tiziano has embraced experimentation, fusing the raw energy of industrial with the irresistible groove of funk wave. The result is an eclectic and engaging album that captures the essence of his musical and personal journey.
This new record not only focuses on the pursuit of genuine artistic expression but also serves as a mirror of Tiziano’s personal experiences during the pandemic years and his relocation to Sheffield. The album explores feelings of isolation, uncertainty, and loss but transforms them into an expression of hope – hope in the power of music and humanity.
“Badway” is set to be released in October 2023 and will be available in both digital and physical formats. The band is excited to bring the new album to life with a series of live performances throughout Europe, hoping to finally reunite with their beloved audience.