Sonic Jesus is an Italian band born in Doganella di Ninfa,Is currently Tiziano Veronese’s musical project. Since their debut, they have been acclaimed internationally, thanks to the release of their first EP, “Sonic Jesus,” on Fuzz Club Records. In 2012, they shared a split titled “Split Single N°5″ with the Black Angels. In 2015, they released a limited edition 7” vinyl containing a remix by Sonic Boom aka Pete Kember of the legendary Spacemen 3 and Spectrum. Also in 2015, they released a double album titled “Neither Virtue Nor Anger” on Fuzz Club Records, which became the manifesto that crowned the band among the most acclaimed Italian and European psychedelic realities. In 2017, they released “Grace,” another album produced by Fuzz Club Records. It marked a reduction in the neo-psychedelic frequencies of their earlier work in favor of a newfound pop-wave sensitivity. Their latest work by Tiziano Veronese dates back to 2018: “Memories,” a self-produced album of old demos found. Over the years, the band has performed live throughout Europe, sharing the stage with artists such as Jesus & Mary Chain, Damo Suzuki (CAN), A Place To Bury Stranger, Wire, and Dead Skeletons.

2023 is the year of “Anxieties” and “Annoying Foal” two singles that anticipates the release of the new album “Badway”, to be released early October with a one-month-and-a-half-long EU/UK tour.